Where do you go, if you only have one day or even several hours to spend in Tokyo?

Tokyo Station

“If you only have one day to spend in Tokyo”

If your itinerary is very tight and you only have one day to spend in Tokyo, do you know where you should go?

Tokyo Tower? Sky Tree? Roppogi? Shibuya? Shinjuku?

Yah, all those places must be exciting.

But, if you ask me where to go under your tight schedule, my recommendation will definitely be “Tokyo Station“!

You must have thought “Why station?”

But, believe it or not, Tokyo Station is not just a train station, but it is also a huge shopping mall with bunch of restaurants.

The shopping mall consists of two areas which are next to each other.

  • “Tokyo Station – Yaesu Shopping Mall”
  • “Tokyo Eki 1bangai (First Avenue Tokyo Station)

Here are the reasons for my recommendation.

1) Perfect Location

First of all, since the shopping mall is located at “Tokyo Station” which is one of the largest terminal stations in Japan, it is so convenient! You can also drop by for several hours before you take a bullet train (shinkansen) to other cities like Osaka and Kyoto.

2) A lot of Restaurants

There are many restaurants in the shopping mall that I am sure you’ll find it difficult to choose where to go.

Within those restaurants, I would recommend the Standing Sushi Bar. You’ll be standing in front of the counter and the Sushi chef will make fresh Sushi in front of you. It’s very casual and the price will be reasonable.

3) Bunch of great stores to choose souvenirs

The shopping mall has many stores which have clothes, shoes, sundries, household goods and souvenirs. Within those many stores, the place you must go to is “Tokyo Character Street“.

If you and your families or your friends are interested in Japanese Characters (comics and animations) from “One Piece”, “Pokemon”, “Sumikko Gurashi”, “Hello Kitty”, “Naruto”, “Rilakkuma” and etc., this is place you must go. I am sure that there is no other place in the world where you can buy so many goods from different comics and animations from Japan in one place.

Any foreign visitors who go out to Tokyo Character Street will be so happy since they can buy souvenirs for their kids and relatives.