Authentic Model Railway Museum in Yokohama

Model Train Museum

The place to go even if you are not a big fan of Model Railway.

Are you a big fan of trains?

To be honest, I am not

So, when one of my friends asked me whether I wanted to go to a model railway museum in Yokohama which is about 30 minutes train ride from Tokyo station, I replied as “Does it make sense to take a train ride to see a toy train?”

But, since my friend was so enthusiastic about taking me to the museum, I said “alright, alright. I will go with you if you are going to buy me a ticket.”

I was expecting that he will give up if he has to pay for my ticket, but he said “deal” with a full smile on his face.

So, I didn’t have any choice, but to get on the train to see “toy train“.

“Toy Train?” Nope. This is an “Art”

The museum was five minutes’ walk from Yokohama station. Very close to the station so I don’t think you’ll get lost.

As promised, my friend bought a ticket for me and we got into the first exhibition hall. Numbers of model trains were displayed together with detailed explanations of each train. When you carefully observe the model trains, you will realize how detailed and accurately those trains are imitated. The more you know about the train, you realize that it is not just a “toy train”, but it is an “art”. By the time I finish checking out all the trains displayed in the first exhibition hall, I was ready not only to pay back my friend with the entrance fee but also to pay his ticket to show my gratefulness to taking me to this museum.

See one of the largest indoor dioramas in the world.

The second exhibition hall was “storytelling” and was explaining about the history of railways from Japan and all over the world. Since I like history in general, the explanation was very interesting. Passing through some curious exhibitions, I have reached to the exhibition named “Ichiban Tetumo park”.

At “Ichiban Tetumo Park”, you will find the large-scale diorama on which gauge one model trains run, including steam and electric locomotives and trolley cars. A viewing platform with seats has been included so that visitors can take in the entire layout, one of the world’s largest indoor dioramas. I was so excited about the realistic scenes like those of actual trains running in a town.

Since the Hara Model Train museum was so exciting, we spent more than 4 hours.

You know what happened to me? I started to like the train ride since then….